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    Way back in 2008, bicycles were back and we were riding them everywhere we could for fun and for function—eating up Santa Barbara road miles, mountain biking Moab slick rock, and even commuting to the office on two wheels. We were having a blast, but try as we might, we couldn’t find bicycle gear that seemed to be having as much fun as we were.

    So in 2008, we created Cyclelogical to make the bags and clothes we wanted—uncommon, organic, made-in-USA, and most importantly both fun and functional. Since then, we have expanded the line with other categories of useful things for our fellow bicyclists, but we have always kept things profoundly Cyclelogical!

    From our modest beginnings ‘til now, we have always been about people having fun on bicycles, so you are likely to see us out on the road at grass roots events—races, meets, rides, or around town.  If you see us out there, stop and say hello!