Cyclelogical Amabassadors

Meet the Cyclelogical Ambassadors

Syd and Macky

These two race mountain bikes professionally, live in a van and travel the world. Learn more about them at and follow them @sydandmacky

Goat Show

From somewhere in the desert of California, we met this Motley crew—at 24 hours of Old Pueblo—super cool dudes—and the forever bond was forged.  

Stop by the Goat show next time at 24 hours of Old Pueblo. Follow the crew:

Brett Tanner @theforgottonclydesdale   

Adam Grahl @AdamGraehl 

Sean Malone @dumbthingswithfriends 

The Taco Boys

Met the Taco boys in Tucson—and we had to have them join our crew—  Jesus Fausto @wallo_fausto  Ethan land  @ethanland_

Want to Become an Ambassador?

We only sponsor people who are fun to hang with. We don’t care how fast or slow you are as long as you're having fun on the bike and eating Mexican food.   
To become an ambassador send us a pic and give us your "why."